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We go to great lengths to ensure that our beef tastes as great beef should

That means all our cattle are suckled for at least 6 months at grass. They are grown quickly but not too quickly on a grass based diet so that they lay down muscle evenly.

  • We use native breeds - Luing and Aberdeen Angus - that produce well marbled tasty meat with enough fat to give it flavour.
  • The grass in the diet gives the meat that special flavour that you won't get from mass market beef that comes from corn fed animals in feedlots.
  • We try to breed cattle with genetic predispositions to tenderness.
  • We ensure that our cattle are not stressed throughout their lives and particularly prior to slaughter.
  • We ensure that the carcasses are hung properly for at least 3 weeks.

Beef Farming ScotlandBuying our beef helps the environment as the only food miles are the ones between here and Lockerbie abattoir 25 miles away, which is the first and only journey they take. Unlike many other systems we are both breeders and finishers so that the animals that we take through to slaughter stay on one farm all their lives and are not transported around the country or sold through auctions. It's also good for the environment because pasture grazed by cattle supports a rich biodiversity.

Nor do we believe that our cattle contribute towards global warming. Recent headlines have been based on shaky science that based its assumptions on beef that was grown on cleared rainforest land and then fed on intensively produced grain and soya. Research on grass fed beef in temperate climates has shown that the grass pasture acts as a sink for carbon and methane. Therefore the fields absorb far more greenhouse gases than the animals produce! Buy our beef and help to save the planet!

You can also be reassured that when you buy our beef you know where it has been! We have complete traceability from birth to slaughter. We do not use any artificial hormone growth promoters. Antibiotics are kept to the essential minimum and carefully recorded to ensure that the meat is 100% safe for you to eat. The fact that we are a closed herd with reduced risk of infection means that we are not having to use medicines to combat diseases as much as they are in other systems.

You are also buying beef from an animal that has been raised with very high standards of animal welfare. We are inspected annually by Quality Meat Scotland. But we go further than many of our competitors. When the young cattle are wintered indoors they are well bedded on straw that we grow ourselves rather than on concrete slats. We also keep the calves on their mothers until weaning at around 6 months, unlike beef that comes from the dairy industry where the calf is taken off its mother at a few days old.

Finally our beef is good for you! Grass fed beef is full of Omega 3, which is critical for the human brain and auto-immune system. Clinical trials have concluded that foods containing Omega 3 help to prevent cancer, heart disease and other conditions.

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